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50th Anniversary Memory Bank

Public Citizen is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. To mark this special occasion, we are creating a Memory Bank where we are collecting stories, anecdotes, and memories from our alumni, supporters and allies about the work of Public Citizen and what inspires their support.

Our Memory Bank entries can be in any form – a written note, an email, a video clip, an audio recording – any way that you would like to capture and memorialize how we have been able to have such consistent and strategic impact.

Your memory could include just about anything:

  • A particular win you helped accomplish;
  • Honoring a mentor, staff, or person who you worked with; or
  • How your time at Public Citizen shaped your personal life, your career, or your ability to make change in the world.

When they write the history books of progressive change in this country, future generations will want to know how we did it.

Memory Bank

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